Since 2000

Horizon Hotel is a hospitality and hotels service company with the aim of providing you with the best and comfortable home away from home. At Horizon Hotel, every stay is unique.

Horizon Hotel Kano.


Our Standard

1. Choose music carefully.
We understand that our esteemed clients are from different parts of the country, so we carefully choose the music we play at the bars, restaurant and pools that will enhance they fun the derive from staying at Horizon Hotel.
2. Never serve food that has expired.
Our local and international cuisines are served fresh at any time of the day on a 24 hours service pace. We make sure you enjoy your meal as fresh as you want them served. Our quality control team makes sure we don't serve expired food or drinks.
3. Keep the restaurant spotless.
Personal and corporate hygiene is key that is why we do not only employ the service of expert chef but we ensure the environment our customers eat and drink is as clean as they like them. Our restaurant is spotlessly clean and beaming with enough light.
4. Make deliberate choices with lighting.
We believe that a beautiful ambience must come with proper lighting hence on a 24 hours basis we make sure the entire hotel is beaming with lighting so that our customers can enjoy using the AC, TV and other electronics in the hotel.